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Hair Restoration / Hair Loss

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At Restored Crown Hair Restoration Clinic, the journey begins with an extensive consultation that helps us understand medical history, past treatments, medications, and life stressors. We will also perform a hair analyst which is a scientific exhaustive hair analysis test. The test helps our trichologist to see what is on the scalp, infections and inflammation and a closer look at the follicle. What makes us stand out is our personalized approach to each patient and our in depth consultations allows us to know what is best for the patient. Hair loss is not black and white, and one client could have multiple types of hair loss and we have to use a multi therapeutic approach. The RCHRC uses all-natural products and many are formulated and made by the our trichologist Takara Harris. 

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This consultation  for those with all types of alopecia / hair loss and scalp conditions

Our 1-hour and 30 minute in-clinic consultation is an in-depth analysis and assessment of your hair loss condition.  Our Certified Hair Loss Practitioner will go over a comprehensive questionnaire, followed by a physical examination of your hair, microscopic scalp analysis, zyto scan, and ph testing. We will get to the root of your hair and scalp issue and create a custom plan.  This plan is best suited for those that wish to participate in a full-care hair loss plan. 

 Consultation Fee: $250

Blood Test

We offer virtual consultation 


our Plans include

  • Custom tropical products.

  • Supplements.

  • Custom scalp detox.

  • Extractions on the scalp.

  • Infusions on the scalp. 

  • Low laser therapy.

  • Scalp Massage.

  • Steam Treatments

  • Nutritional Plans

  • Stem Cell Treatment

  • Oxygen Therapy


Restored Crown Hair Restoration is all about elevating self-esteem and confidence! Our clinic is unique because we offer multiple solutions for those that suffer with hair loss. We will assess each individual client to determine if regrowth is achievable, then we work towards a solution, whether it is a custom treatment plan or a custom hair system or a combination of both.

After three months I went back to the doctors and the inflammation was gone and they told me I could stop taking the medication.

-Former hair restoration patient 

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