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About the Clinic

The Restored Crown Hair Restoration Clinic is one of the most sought out clinics on the east coast when it comes to healthy hair, hair loss, hair replacement, and holistic wellness services. Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by millions of people.  A person’s hair is often referred to as the crown, so hair loss can be a traumatic experience for anyone. Often times medication cause side effects that require more medication to mask those symptoms and there are herbs, natural remedies, and dietary protocols that can help. 
RRHRC provides treatments, products, and education, which can transform hair loss into healthy hair and unhealthy bodies into well bodies. Takara N.  Harris has built a portfolio of hair care, hair growth, hair restoration, holistic health, and hair replacement, which have proven to be effective and has produced results for her clients. We strive to provide lasting results with our clients by getting to the root of the issues and customized treatment plans. 

Providing you with the best Trichologist and Holistic Practitioner for care

Clinical Trichologist 
Master Cosmetology 
Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach
Certified Holistic Practitioner 

Takara Nicole is the CEO and founder of Restored Crown Collection and Restored Crown Hair Restoration and Wellness Clinic. She has strategically formulated her own hair products because of the demand from her clients to use exactly when she uses in the salon. She is the author of the book, “Breaking Unhealthy Hair Habits” a guide that was created to give you the knowledge on how to maintain healthy hair.

 She is a Master stylist and owner of The Healthy Hair Studio located in Richmond Hill, Georgia. She is a Triple Board-Certified Trichologist, Board- Certified Hair Loss Practitioner, Holistic Practitioner of Trichology, Hair and Scalp Specialist, Nutrition and Wellness coach, and a Tricare Network Provider and VA.  

Takara specializes in HEALTHY hair care, hair restoration, hair and scalp treatments, natural hair and relaxed hair. She teaches her clients how to maintain their hair and how to find the proper hair care regimen. Takara has been a beauty professional over fifteen years. She is passionate about her craft and teaching woman how to embrace and maintain their natural hair.  

She is known as the Healthy Hair Coach and her motto:

“Let me coach you through your journey to healthy hair "

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