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Our Vision is Clear

Restored Crown Hair Restoration goal is to excel in the hair salon business by assistingthose that are battling with all types of hair loss, scalp conditions, and basic hair care needs. We want to not only restore the hair, but the confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth that is often diminished when facing this issue. Our product line Restored Crown Collection is an organic hair care line tailored to meet your needs.

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About us 

The Restored Crown Hair Restoration Clinic is one of the most sought out clinics on the east coast when it comes to healthy hair, hair loss, and hair replacement services. Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by millions of people.  A person’s hair is referred to as their crown, so hair loss can be a traumatic experience for anyone.
RRHRC provides treatments, products, and education, which can transform hair loss into healthy hair. Takara N.  Harris has built a portfolio of hair care, hair growth, hair restoration, and hair replacement which have proven to be effective and has produced results for her clients. We strive to provide lasting results with our clients by getting to the root of the issues and customized treatment plans. 

Blood Test

Our Approach 

At Restored Crown Hair Restoration Clinic, the journey begins with an extensive consultation that helps us understand medical history, past treatments, medications, and life stressors. We will also perform a hair analyst which is a scientific exhaustive hair analysis test. The test helps our trichologist to see what is on the scalp, infections and inflammation and a closer look at the follicle. What makes us stand out is our personalized approach to each patient and our in depth consultations allows us to know what is best for the patient. Hair loss is not black and white, and one client could have multiple types of hair loss and we have to use a multi therapeutic approach. The RCHRC uses all-natural products and many are formulated and made by the our trichologist Takara Harris. 

Blood Test

Our trichology program at The Restored Crown Hair Restoration Clinic aims to analyze the:


·      Body Systems

·      Medical Conditions

·      Blood test and Blood analysis 

·      Anatomy and Physiology of the Hair and Scalp

·      Microscopy

·      Nutrition

·      Hair Shaft Problems 

·      Hair Loss

·      Scalp problem

We carefully analyze each of these to get to the root of the patient’s hair loss issues and to create a treatment plan. 

Trust the Process

Holistic Approach

The journey to healthy hair requires a holistic approach because hair loss is not about the hair falling off your head but what goes into your body. We educate the patient about the dietary habits and lifestyles changes needed in order to see longer healthy hair. We know that it can’t be a one-time thing, but it could affect the longevity of the result. The RCHRC will assist the client in creating a custom diet plan that will include foods they like to each and easy to maintain meal plans in order to create a lifestyle of clean eating.

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